Subjective opinions on services

Subjective opinions on ..

10.01.2014 Portrait of an ordinary fellow who offers services in the U.S.. This is a purely subjective opinion, just maybe not lucky in communication.

So finalist - mediator attendants in Miami - Victoria Robinson.

Reception in the office Nabil Matar

As always, the reception is not overcrowded - from the Russian-speaking and African-American population is simply not overcrowded . Stands out among all the girl - the mediator - Victoria - her obsession communicative leaves some sugary sludge . In appearance - 42-45 years , on clothes - about 17-year ( Autumn boots (special feature - the type she is cold - just living a long time and has had time to acclimate ) red jeans and a green blouse , cardigan . On hand - plated Omega .
Mega sociable - with all the little word will spread - all prompt (only now - and having lived on his experience all feel about what is driving snowstorm this irreplaceable and adviser . Under her spell my wife and I hit the first visit - by some miracle managed to Madame us your business card and stick - it says that she is also the Assistant Agent - creates trust having a job , although her office phone never happen - it's just a fiction for future moms . Surname also pontovogo Robinson .
This all day Madame oshivaetsya the offices and offers its services . Today this knowing just twittered about the current conditions and the most reliable American medicine , praised Matara and then I could not stand it - when she asked , how are we - I replied no duty phrase , and explained why I was so unhappy with the services of an eminent physician , she much surprised and began to deny my words , noting that others listen intently to my story and fearing for possible future royalties because mother began excitedly to find out details of the procedures that they are coming soon . After some of my words - 2 or 3 girls , including the one that came with Victoria began to doubt his choice ...
Since I was already taking no hurry - I came for help to Matara for the second time and waited a half hour! ( Now , when I paid for everything - a special financial interest is probably not call , why wait. Well, if a lot of time to sit still - became further advise on registration of securities, pro shops , car rental ... I would have to sit for about an hour - judging by the reception of a busy schedule .
Victoria , meanwhile, slipped into the office to Nabil Matar . After 1 minute, he already ofonarevshim look just called me loudly . See how many oriental hot guys restrain emotions he can not - he took me into the room , where do ultrasound, and planted ( namely - planted on the chair ) - gave 2 ! Instance I need the help and began to ask , not even say what I'm talking bad about it , people do not have to listen to Type . On this head I was not ready and said that I have the vision of his work and the entire health care system of the United States ....
Conversation did not work - runs for lawyers these days , I realized that it is simply unrealistic to sue - Russian-speaking lawyers themselves said that the law on the side of more doctors in Florida ...
But this visit and my story might help someone not make mistakes .
Victoria from office immediately evaporated , thought I was going to tell her anything about the fact that she snitched doctor - to curry favor, thus proving that " money likes silence " and " nothing dirty linen bear " - because so many can still bamboozle Rada his miserable satiated American life , sometimes built on tears unsuspecting parents .

National number 2
After birth, it took to execute documents on the child. Izlazit internet stopped at the office , which takes all cheaper -1600 dollars for both passports . Since most do not like to do , I decided to consult the owner answered the phone and the only employee of LLC " Barnyard " - Andrew . Services he certainly ready to , but no documentation for a lot of money taken was not able to provide . Even receipt. The original proposal - to give documents , passport and some money to the first comer , and wait for something ... The only argument was this fellow - "... I have the same reputation ..." - heard this phrase (the word "reputation" has a double meaning , as used in the criminal world ) I finally decided to execute documents on their own.

Compatriot number 3
Rent a Car .
In Russian .
The New Year in Miami just is not overcrowded - tourists come from all places to celebrate Chrismas and New Year. Car rental soars at times. Tried to appeal to his compatriots . The company has no name just a phone advertising in the newspapers - 786-4195033 . Price them from $ 700 per month .
On the phone the man said in a pompous tone and said that their office machines are dismantled . I talked with the head of the feelings , or at least the first deputy board of directors of RAO Gazprom or the EU. Generally here are a few helpful tone is considered most appropriate . About the fleet he proudly said that the cheapest car they - Volkswagen Jetta 4 - year-old (!) - So old buckets rarely where rentovyh offices meet - and here - just a suggestion of the year! The second time did not want to call , the more that the price in large offices rentovyh sometimes cheaper.

Compatriot number 4
Tatiana Bulgakov , in common - Pie . So her name in Khabarovsk, where contract debts and protrativ parent she left the apartment . Living in Miami, working in the shop. Friend's wife left the phone with SIM card girlfriend - Rolls . She regularly echoed monthly payments, receipt of which she accompanied the mandatory visit to visit us from having a drink the entire contents of our bar . In the third month of the visit was the situation with just a loaf weigh and unambiguously hinted at what we are paying for the phone , but a more intimate communion with her drinking alcohol should be our end . The result was immediate - Simcoe blocked and the balance (about $ 25 of our money it has left itself ) .....


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