Labor organization in Miami

You plan to birth, or maybe are in anticipation of future child?


 Reading the Internet with a huge amount of resources have become the most relevant reviews for you occupation?
 Bore you with banal truths about a second passport and all the advantages of birth, we will provide more pathetic firms that search engines just a sea of ... pudding and sugar river shore - this is one of the techniques to apply and sell your product from the air , " expensive ", insinuating that it is available only a select few , units ...
I want to dispel this " pontovy " myth of inaccessibility and instill hope in you , and perhaps in other dream to give a little more than is expected from the right of parents in our country , even if you are not rich , but trying to give birth has advantages and additional features its continuation - their children. I believe in what I say because I am like that, and I tried. Now my experience Miami Pope :
Before deciding to apply to companies with colorful booklets and numerous reviews about the impeccable service to ask a question to myself - and for what exactly these companies take these future parents with decent money ? Sum of even the most modest package of providing not less than $ 15,000.
Myself, as we are assured moms do a visa in the U.S. to pass the border, find housing and sign a contract is simply unrealistic , but it scares potential clients - parents. Nothing of obtaining documents for the child , I did not say ...
My site , I apologize in advance with the beautiful half of humanity , partly devoted to a strong half , which is also very worried about the future mother and her no less concerned about the challenges that lie ahead at birth outside the family home , especially in another country. The best way to relieve this tension to prepay one of the companies, which are now as mushrooms after rain and trust "professionals." Do not argue, on the children, the more future saving is simply criminal. But the question is not to somehow save an extra hundred green, but about the fact that buying a " SuperPacket " services you can sometimes get more unflattering byproducts , which are below. Most in this situation is not the first to question the importance of - the cost of "Them" services. Not the first in importance, after all, not every year a child is born in a family and it really is priceless. And the prices are " agencies " in exactly convincing. Still , let's compare !
Now count up how much it costs without a mediator and spouse if there is one :
• for the meeting at the airport ( $ 35 taxi to any place Miami in the amount already included $ 2 tip for the driver who will carry things to the door ) .
• Taxi to the clinic for the first reception - a maximum of $ 70 ( round-trip + waiting 1.5 hours)
Total trips - a maximum of 20 ( for all medical appointments and back + including 8 trips out of the store with products)
A total of $ 700
• Translator - $ 30 per hour ( less than one hour ) - usually receiving physician performed :
     1 every 2 weeks up to 32 weeks ;
     every week after 32 weeks of
          plus 1 hour reception born child
           Total maximum of 10 visits = 300 S.
• Purchase products , household chemicals, adapters , beach accessories - all within walking distance, as Wallgreens ( like our supermarket with a pharmacy and a deli ) and CVS pharmacy where represented just all of the following + Formulated pharmacy . Such shops on every corner with fixed prices and usually working 24 hours. As you have seen, these centers can visit on your own , taxi if necessary we can take at the entrance also at any time . A driver for a couple dollars to denounce all doors.
• Purchase of baby accessories - shops Wallmart, Burlington and others - all that is needed can be purchased at one time (costs , as in the previous paragraph )
• Communicating with countrywomen - there are no problems at all - in good areas of the Russian population density Miami comes to 30-60 %, with the ladies in a similar situation too much.
• All products from Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states - in stores Matryoshka , St. Petersburg , etc. - in case if want something native .
• Return airport transfers - given the number of items purchased - up to $ 50.
TOTAL: 1085 dollars for everything!
After simple arithmetic operations, namely subtraction
 15000-1085 = 13915 $
yes of course we did not consider the costs of paperwork and passports, but it can be ordered separately, as in the base package is not part of any one company proxy. And you can make yourself and, as experience shows - everything is real and even horror stories of horror in embassies - it's just some glitch April Fools ‘agents’, but that's not yet met people who did not leave the USA because of loose documents.
 Natural question -
You are ready to donate 13,915 dollars?
If your answer is - yes, you cannot read further.
So, first of all, you need to understand that the second option is more labor intensive only at the beginning , after two or three days spouse adapts as climate, and to the environment , and help to the company in this case only extends state of anxiety , as people are much easier to part with money when afraid of something - these fears are easy to maintain by simply using the same obsessive manner (otherwise called overprotection ) - pregnant easily inspire everyone around very far and uncomfortable and walk better only with an interpreter or escort , sometimes we spouse met girls who lived in our same area did not know that there are two steps in the store , pharmacy , or you can just reach one stop shopping Mola bus for $ 2.25 instead of calling a car with guide .
Why such confidence that the expectant mother without this obsession custody quickly cope with all the fears - everything is simple - it gets used.

Without what exactly cannot do :
1. Necessarily have to be local and international calls
(the first to communicate with a doctor or an assistant in an emergency , and the second - to communicate with her husband, family, friends )
2.Internet (WIFI not all hotels and homes a good speed , and it should be borne in mind in the process podyskivaniya housing routers are everywhere , and sometimes speed is not quite the one to which people are accustomed to Russian cities) , so the output or fiber or flesh modem ( $ 25-40 per month depending on the GB. ) .
3.Nuzhen people , ideally a relative, which we were not, but luckily fate brought with Zinoviev, 35 years old American living in Miami and knowing this city , state, country thoroughly.

Without which you can do quite easily:
• 1.Bez services real estate agent - we did everything ourselves - found booked, settled. And if to be honest, never even saw the owner of our apartment (coming and calling him, we got a four-digit code, typing on the door that unlocks the lock, and we went to see the keys on the table ... We called again and SMS Coy was sent to us code from the free WIFI in the house. third call - we said goodbye at flying away). ALL!
And as read on the site owners - it is simply necessary to almost interviewed a second time at the U.S. Embassy held , any information collected, to pay for the next six months ! Nonsense , I'm sorry for the gullible and dark Russian " Bogatikov ."
In the U.S., rarely someone immediately gives the cache , and if it gives you a maximum of a quarter , then a bit of everything - a different mindset . Yes , it is desirable to know the areas of Miami, but believe me, even in the most peaceful area not particularly feel much safer than in Red Square near the Kremlin or on Nevsky Prospekt ...
• Without a car (if one spouse , the extra stress from traffic , navigation and parking and unavoidable for downtown Miami fines it is not exactly necessary). Order profitable site and not come to the office , as commissioned by cheaper and all insurances are already included ) , in the office still want to impose their services (additional insurance nafig not need to sell a full tank, and even tickle nerves about class machines , etc. - this in a separate article ) ...
At the same time - a perfect alternative - bus ( 2.25 - and he's taking a pleasant cold with tinted windows ) , a taxi - is not atomic prices + walks along the sea on wooden tracks ) .
• Without the Russian-speaking doctor ( a few) , and , in my opinion , they are simply " ofonareli " from such an influx of Russian ladies that little stream sometimes forget about the service and quality - again, this is purely my opinion, and it may not coincide with the others. These people I respect immensely, but am not sure that an overpayment of $ 2,000 on average per language is so important, the translator for the third will not only translate but also to push your wife on the couch next to if need be .
• Without a lawyer. Basically, all the offices, working with childbirth in the United States strongly recommend nastrogo on the border say that arrived, they say the sea sunbathing, yes shopping to do. This is mainly RAZVODNYAK ! Since the probability is quite large that the officer at the border looking at tummy can be very surprised that in such a state Mom notices a small lump in the abdomen and will happily frolic in the waves and chase belongings, of which every week will grow to the size of ... The result - the restrictions on visa - of course empty, but put 2-3 weeks, and then have to shell out for a lawyer (again through the indispensable agency). BUT! And that's not all - they make a call from the doctor , make an appointment that actually easy - there is a danger that the future mother herself cope with the challenge of finding a doctor and subsequent genera ...


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