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Ведение родов в Америке в госпитале West Boca Medical Center- This multiple session class is intended for expectant mothers and their special childbirth support partner. Ideally, the class should be completed 4-6 weeks prior to their due date. The series of 3 classes will begin on the first Tuesday night of every month and will continue to the second and third Tuesday each month. Cost is $75 for the complete series including materials and refreshments. Each session is 2 hours of interactive teaching and discussion.  OH MAMMA! Session 1: This session covers what to expect prior to delivery. From packing your hospital bag to delivery of your special someone our highly trained Labor and Delivery Nurses will guide you through the journey of childbirth. Our Birthcare RNs will cover stages of labor, hospital procedures, medications, pain management, birthing options and recovery using video, lecture and group discussion. You will have the chance to ask questions from our uniquely qualified labor and delivery staff.  OH BABY! Session 2: This session covers what to expect right after your bundle of joy is born! Our specially trained Newborn Nurses will discuss what to expect in the first few days and how to care for your infant once you are home. This class will cover everything you need to know about post-partum all the way up to your first follow up appointments with your doctors. During this class, it will be our pleasure to show you around our Birthcare Pavillion which will be your ?home away from home for a few days. Wear comfy clothes and walking shoes.  OH YES I CAN! Session 3: Our specially trained lactation nurses will lead this class that will cover infant nutrition. This class will provide education on breastfeeding and what a baby needs to build a strong immune system and stay healthy. If you have chosen an option other than breast feeding we are happy to assist you with instruction that will keep your baby happy and healthy as well!      Госпиталь West Boca Medical Center


Стоимость родов в госпитале: 
- натуральные роды: 1 день – 1800 долларов , 2 – 2300 долларов
- кесарево сечение: 2 дня (не считая дня операции) – 4500 долларов,3 дня –каждый дополнительный день по 500 долларов
- эпидуральная анестезия: 1200 долларов
- неонантолог: около 1000 долларов

Welcome Center +1-561-488-8000

Адрес госпиталя: 21644 State road 7 Boca Raton, FL 33428

Интернет сайт госпиталя: http://www.westbocamedctr.com
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Субъективное мнение: Госпиталь выглядит очень оснащенным, находится в дорогом районе. Персонал и внешняя атмосфера крайне благожелательная.  Из минусов можно отметить только расположение – это 35 минут без пробок до условного центра Майами и довольно дорогие ценники на проживание. Если добираться до госпиталя в ситуации Emergency (по скорой),  то вероятность родить в машине скорой существует..

Госпиталь West Boca Medical Center
Госпиталь West Boca Medical Center
Госпиталь West Boca Medical Center
Госпиталь West Boca Medical Center роды в Майами
Роды в Майами Госпиталь West Boca Medical Center
Госпиталь West Boca Medical Center роды в Соединенных Штатах Америки


реальная поддержка и ведение родов в Майами

As an expectant mother, you want a high level of care for your baby...and a high level of comfort for you. West Boca's goal is to deliver these qualities and more. West Boca has the only Level III Neonatal Intensive Care unit in North Broward County and Boca Raton. This is the highest level designated by the state.

We understand that giving birth can be exciting and intimidating. It's reassuring to know that West Boca offers award-winning care. Our staff can guide you through each step of pregnancy, delivery, recovery and life with your baby. We work hard to make your baby's birth joyous and meaningful.


    • Board-Certified Lactation Consultant
    • Private Birthing Suites with Private Bathrooms
    • 24-Hour Anesthesia Services
    • In-house Neonatologists Available 24-hours a day
    • Flexible Visiting Hours
    • Level III NICU
    • 5 Star Maternity HealthGrades
    • Tours of the Birthcare Pavilion
  • Maternity TrackerTM and Baby’s First Year Mobile App
  • Pre-Register at the Birth Care Pavilion online
  • Virtual Nursery at Mom365

Birthcare Classes
We offer a comprehensive childbirth and parenting education program with classes and support groups. From Childbirth Preparation to Breastfeeding to CPR, West Boca has a class for your needs.

  • Birthcare Pavilion Tour
  • Chat with a Pediatrician
  • Journey of Motherhood Preparation Series
  • Maternity Packet

Visiting hours at the Birthcare Pavilion are from 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

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